We are excited to announce that the Truckers Solution network of fuel stations just got bigger! As you know, Pilot Flying J is a valued partner of ours and they have just announced a joint venture with Speedway, LLC, adding 35 more locations to serve you and your drivers.

33 WilcoHess Travel Plazas and 2 Speedway locations are included.

Over the next few months, Pilot Flying J will be rebranding these additional locations. All of us here at Truckers Solution are very excited about the value this will bring our membership base, allowing you to save even more money on fuel each month.

For all of our current Truckers Solution’s members, your Pilot Flying J discount will be honored at these additional locations as they are rebranded. If you do NOT have our Pilot Flying J fuel discount added to your fuel card, please contact us immediately. If you do NOT have a fuel card, we can offer guaranteed credit approval with our Truckers Solution Fuel Card.

And please know, huge incentives will be given to those who sign up to use our Truckers Solution fuel card before the end of the year. To learn more, simply give us a call.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding this announcement, our Pilot Flying J fuel discount and/or our Truckers Solution Fuel Card.

To review the list of additional locations near you, simply click here to view online.