Truckers Solution is excited to launch yet another great promotion that starts tonight! This weekend, all of our fuel card holders have a chance to win $100 on Monday. All they have to do is purchase 100+ gallons at PFJs sometime this weekend using their Truckers Solution Fuel Card.

Here are the details for the record:

  1. Dates of Promotion – June 23-25
  2. Purchase 100+ gallons at PFJ using your TS Fuel Card
  3. FIVE $100 winners will be selected on Monday, June 26
  4. The winners will be contacted Monday afternoon on the June 26
  5. The $100 will be paid as fuel credit on their account

Our Truckers Solution members are enjoying these great promotions each and every month. We have given out $13,000 in fuel credit, tires and more!

If you have been thinking about switching to our fuel card, here are a few more reasons why you should. Our members enjoy NO FEES on a monthly basis, $0.10 cent discount AT THE PUMP at any PFJ or affiliate locations, plus 10 POINTS per gallon purchased on their My Pilot rewards account. That is an extra $120.00 a month for drivers to use on showers, parking, food and more inside any PFJ!

And the most important detail is that you will receive the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE in the industry. No more dealing with “Big Box” companies that simply may not treat you with the respect you deserve!

As you can see, being a Truckers Solution Fuel Card member is pretty sweet! Call 855-241-6001 if you have any questions we can answer!

To all of our fuel card members, good luck this weekend! Be safe!