5 Key Benefits of ELDs

How do you feel about ELDs? Many in the trucking industry just have a bad taste in their mouth about that whole topic! We understand. Since we can’t predict what choices the government will make or not make we’ve polled the industry and discovered that there are some...

Top 5 Reasons Why Fleets Say No To Fuel Cards

There are many reasons that a fuel card to a fleet is a no brainer. Lower costs, access to more services, and a convenient way to keep track of fuel costs. There are also reasons why fleet owners would rather steer clear, and keep on truckin with the fuel costs coming...

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Truckers Solutions’ Fuel Card

Truckers Solution has one of the fastest growing fuel card programs in the industry. We have put together the 5 reasons why you should choose Truckers Solution over the multitude of other options for fuel cards. 1. $1,500 Instant Fuel Credit Per Card – As soon as you...

Read This Before You Go to Get Your Authority!

If you’re leased with a carrier, but wanting to strike out and build your own trucking empire you first must think of getting your authority from the FMCSA, there are no shortcuts, when taking on this challenge. At Truckers Solution, we have put together 3 important...

Weekend Promotion Starts Tonight! $100 for 100…

Truckers Solution is excited to launch yet another great promotion that starts tonight! This weekend, all of our fuel card holders have a chance to win $100 on Monday. All they have to do is purchase 100+ gallons at PFJs sometime this weekend using their Truckers...

How Do You Avoid Double-Brokering?

Double-brokering is when a carrier (or someone posing as a carrier) books a load through a broker, and then brokers it again to a different carrier. It's also illegal. Double-brokering can happen in a variety of ways. In some instances, the carrier is hauling freight...

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