Truckers Solution has one of the fastest growing fuel card programs in the industry. We have put together the 5 reasons why you should choose Truckers Solution over the multitude of other options for fuel cards.

1. $1,500 Instant Fuel Credit Per Card – As soon as you get your card you will get $1,500 of fuel credit that you can use at any of the 800+ Pilot Flying J locations!

2. No Hidden Fees – One of the cornerstones of Truckers Solution is that we do not have hidden fees. Many other fuel card programs offer you big promises up front, only to blindside you with set up fees, and monthly card fees that they hide in the fine print.

3. 10 Cent Discount at the Pump – We have negotiated one of the best deals in the industry with our fuel card program. You receive $0.10 off at the pump at all Pilot Flying J locations! The discount is reflected in the billing so that you will never pay the retail price on your fuel bill.

4. Customer Service – You’re a valued member of this program, and practically family! We treat our members as such. If any problems or questions arise with your fuel card we will be right there to get everything squared away. We consider it an honor to serve you from wherever you are.

5. Points, Points and More Points! – When it comes to reward points, it’s hard to beat our deal. We offer 10 My Pilot rewards points per gallon purchased for the first 90 days. That is tax free money to use at PFJ’s for things like showers, food and even parking. You will receive 5 My Pilot rewards points per gallon purchased after the 90 day mark for the remainder of 2017.

We hope that you will consider Truckers Solution to be a solution for every aspect of your business!

You can get your own fuel card by clicking on “Apply”.