How do you feel about ELDs? Many in the trucking industry just have a bad taste in their mouth about that whole topic! We understand. Since we can’t predict what choices the government will make or not make we’ve polled the industry and discovered that there are some true benefits to ELD’s.

That is why we put together this short blog post to share some insight on why you might go ahead and pull the trigger on ELDs sooner rather than later.

Here are the top 5 Key Benefits of ELDs:

1. More Revenue: Using an ELD saves time, and that time savings equates to greater earning potential. Fewer and faster inspections as well as less paperwork equal up to 20 hours of time saved each year. Those are hours that can be converted into driving time to earn additional client revenue.

2. Save Some Money: Most of the paper log burden falls on drivers. Buying log books, having drivers file and submit records, and performing clerical tasks all have costs. By using an ELD, you can save on many of these costs. In fact, the FMCSA estimated the total annual paperwork savings to be $705 per driver!

  • Here is how it breaks down on the savings:
    – Elimination of Paper Log Books = $42
    – Driver Submitting RODS = $56
    – Clerk Filing RODS (record of duty status) = $120
    – Driver Filing RODS (record of duty status) = $487

3. Achieve New Efficiency: By using an ELD, drivers can better plan their day. With the ELDs hours of service, GPS and alerts features, you’ll know when and where the best times are to take breaks and stop for the day. Additionally, insights from speeding and engine idling reports could lead to improved efficiency. It’s estimated that drivers burn 1,500 gallons of diesel each year by idling a heavy-duty truck.

4. Improve Safety: Trucks with ELDs have 11.7% fewer total crashes and 5.1% fewer preventable crashes. With real-time ELD mapping, roadside assistance is faster.

5. Enhance Quality of Life: ELDs reduce tedious activities like DVIRs and IFTA reporting, including phone calls just to check in. They may also reduce IFTA audit risks. ELDs lead to more meaningful coaching, decreased driving while fatigued, and accurate pay information–enhancing quality of life and reducing driver turnover.

In Summary, drivers with ELD’s could put nearly $100 – $300 extra dollars in their pockets each and every month!

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