This picture is one of my all-time favorite pictures. See that man by the little girls that’s my Daddy, one of the hardest working men I know. All my life he has worked very hard to have what he has. There have been several Holidays, family gatherings, and vacations that my dad has missed out on due to working long hours over the road, but yet we all still stay so close. If you think about it without Truck Drivers we wouldn’t have much of anything, they deliver the food we eat, clothes we wear, supplies for houses you live in and even cars that we drive.

Times have really changed for Truck Drivers since I was little and my Dad was traveling. There were some trips that he went out and we didn’t even get to talk to him while he was gone so he didn’t know what was going on in our house until he got home. Nowadays there are phones, skype, texting, email and even Facetime. All these things help for keeping in-touch with issues going on at home.

Being a Truckers daughter, I always loved going out in the “big truck”. I have some very happy memories of going out in the truck, playing in the sleeper birth – playing school, eating lots of ice cream, playing card games and even going shopping a few times. One of my favorite memories on the truck was when I went out west one time and my dad and I stopped and toured the Corvette museum in Kentucky. It is one of my favorite memories and I will never forget it.

There have also been some sad memories of my Dad being out on the truck at work. Several fish fries as a family we used to have and my dad wasn’t there, birthdays and even my High School graduation party, but even though he was not home he was in our hearts.

My Dad’s hard work has made me who I am today, a hard worker who loves her family and will be with them when I can!

So I hope I can encourage all you Dads and Moms out there…your service to this country is not in vein. You are an example to those who love you and a provider to those who take for granted the service so many take for granted. So keep on truckin’!