Everyone knows our fuel card is the best offer in the industry hands down since there are ZERO FEES included with our fuel card agreement. Plus, we offer guaranteed credit lines with no credit check, award 10 points per gallon purchased for the first 90 days, give 0.10 cents off the cash price at the pump, and deliver the best customer service you can find! You will be hard pressed to find a better offer!

To show how much we love our Truckers Solution Fuel Card holders, we are continuing with our May promotions in style! This weekend we are launching a $750 giveaway where THREE different companies will win $250 each on Monday!

Here are the details:
1. Dates are May 19-21
2. All you need to do is purchase 75+ gallons during the dates mentioned
3. You must use your TS Fuel Card at PFJ’s only
4. The THREE winners will be announced and contacted May 22nd

To all of our Truckers Solution fuel card holders, we say thank you! Good luck!

Congratulations to JPG 28 Trucking, Double S Trucking and Aquino Brothers for winning $250 today!