Truckers Solution is committed to having the right partners that help you, our valued member, run your business better! Porter Billing Services has released a short e-book that answers the Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions when wanting to improve cash-flow through freight factoring.

If you are looking for trusted insight on the benefits of factoring, or on what the difference is between recourse and non-recourse factoring, we highly recommend you go download this e-book.

Download here by clicking – Porter Billing’s Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions

Plus, after you download and read the short e-book, jump on a call with our friends at Porter Billing and receive your free consultation to discuss 6 Critical Keys to getting and STAYING on the road! You can connect with their team sooner by visiting their website,

We have seen first-hand this new business development program and if you’re looking for further insight on growing your business in 2017, you’ll find their new program extremely valuable!