With colder temperatures just around the corner, we would like to remind you of our winter weather blending policies for diesel fuel:

Travel Center Locations with no biodiesel to B5 bio diesel:
Pilot Flying J will begin blending a single treatment of cold flow improvers when the outside temperature reaches +15F to +5F. Should the outside temperature reach +5F to -5F; we will begin double treatments of cold flow improvers. Once the outside temperature dips below -5F; the fuel will be treated with double treatments of cold flow improver and 20% of No 1 fuel. Should No 1 fuel not be available in the market area, triple treatment of cold flow improver will be used. All stores except the cold weather stores listed below will fall into this category as needed. Cold weather stores will begin treatment when the outside temperature reaches +15F and will remain in place until March 1, 2017, regardless of the outside air temperature.




Travel Center Locations in Iowa and Illinois and with above 5% blended bio diesel:
Once treatment at any Illinois or Iowa location begins, double treatment rates will continue the entire winter season (through March 1st) regardless of the outside air temperature while biodiesel is being blended.

ET Products, Afton Chemical and Old World will be Pilot Flying J’s primary winter diesel additive providers for the 2016-2017 season.

In addition, we have made improvements in more than 5,000 DEF pumps to make them “winter ready” for your drivers.
– External insulated jackets
– Nozzle doors replaced with durable door flaps
– Internal insulation in each DEF pump cabinet
– Heat deflectors installed to concentrate heat on the nozzle point
– All pumps were inspected for leaks and heat trace alarms