Fuel costs continue to be at the center of attention for most of our fleets as it is typically the second largest expense next to payroll. With the National Average diesel fuel costs below the $2.50 mark, now is the TIME to evaluate your buying patterns and/or your drivers. All indications are that prices are rising – the National Presidential Election may be our mark of change.

With this in mind, we want to take the time to send you one tip per week to help you keep the conversation of saving money going in your business!

Take a moment to pass along this important “buying tip” as pennies in this game add up. You can take this one action THIS WEEK to keep you from overspending if the conditions change.

TIP #1: Remind drivers often about where you have fuel discounts. If you are a Truckers Solution member you should be getting $0.10 off per gallon at Pilot / Flying J and Love’s Travel Centers. (Call us TODAY if you aren’t!) At minimum your average PPG last month (September) should be $2.29 if you were hauling in all 48 states.

This would be slightly higher is you primarily traveled the west coast states and/or the New England states. Should be lower if you primarily traveled in the southern states and/or the mid-west. The question is — do you know?

Remember, we offer the best fuel card in the industry, plus excellent savings on tires and insurance for all of our Truckers Solution members. Call us today to learn more!