Yes! You Read That Right! $1,500 In Guaranteed Fuel Credit Per Card Per Week Without Running Your Credit, PLUS 10 Points Per Gallon! The Best Fuel Card Deal Continues!

Did you know that you can switch to or add our Truckers Solution Fuel Card with three different options to choose from? Plus, we’ll help you put more money in your pocket when you do, literally! Read on towards the bottom of this email, you’ll be glad you did.

First, Simply Choose The Best Fuel Card Option:
1. Don’t want to apply for a credit line? No problem! We offer GUARANTEED credit of $1,500 per week per card WITHOUT running your credit!
(Some purchase restrictions apply)

2. Apply for a credit line and if your credit is greater then 640, you could receive up to $7,000 per week!

3. Or, take advantage of our Pre-Paid option and fund your own Truckers Solution Fuel Card and get ALL the advantages of having your own fuel card.

Second, after choosing the best option for your business and then receiving your very own Truckers Solution Fuel Card..

You’ll ALSO Get:

1. 0.10 cents off at the pump at Pilot Flying J
2. NO transaction fees for 2017, or ANY other crazy monthly fees
3. PLUS, 10 points PER Gallon Purchased for 90 DAYS to use inside Pilot!
(that is like Pilot handing you a check for $120 per month)

When you get our application in quickly, you can receive your points for THREE MONTHS…That’s like $360 literally to use inside Pilot!

Put all this together and you’re making an additional $400 p/m just by using our card that was built with you mind!
So, as you can see, we hope it’s pretty obvious why you should add our fuel card to your business. There really isn’t a better fuel card out there!

We look forward to earning your business, literally helping you put more money back in your pocket in 2017!