The month of June will be an exciting month for our Truckers Solution fuel card holders. This month we will be giving away a total of $3,000 in fuel credit to THIRTY different members! That is FANTASTIC!

We aren’t wasting any time, starting tonight we are launching a $100 giveaway to FIVE different companies.

Here are the details:
1. Dates are June 10-11
2. All you need to do is purchase 100+ gallons during the dates mentioned
3. You must use your TS Fuel Card at PFJ’s only
4. The FIVE winners will be announced and contacted June 12th

Grab the extra miles if you can, enjoy a wonderful weekend and hopefully you are one of FIVE to win on Monday. To all of our Truckers Solution fuel card holders, we say thank you! Good luck and be safe!

Congratulations to Zemo Transport LLC, Black Heart Express LLC, Glen R Speck, R Brown Logistics and Brother Trucking LLC on winning $100 in fuel credit!