Truckers Solution®, LLC, was founded by truckers for truckers. With a combined history of over 100 years of experience in the trucking industry. We know what it takes and we have the connections to get you the largest discounts in the industry on the products you need to run your business. Today we offer fuel discounts programs; web-site design options, tire discount programs and discounts on load document scanning services. Other new products are on the horizon.

Truckers Solution® is committed to offering our members cost effective solutions allowing them to reduce expenses, mitigate risks and to increase productivity. MARKET RESEARCH has dictated the desperate need for a service such as ours for smaller trucking companies who, when they stand alone, have no real bargaining power on any products or services that truckers must have to operate.

We are also committed to providing services that serve the industry as a whole. The current driver shortage is expected to get five times worse within the next five years – whomever has the drivers will haul the freight. Truckers Solution has listened to the needs of our fleet members and has several new driver benefits products. These products will permit your company to offer stronger benefit packages to your drivers allowing your company to stand out in a crowd – since you’re competing for the same drivers as the big fleets.

Check out our “Partners Page” for more information about our products and services or call us to discuss customized options for your fleet 1-855-241-6001.

We are headquartered outside of Orlando, Florida, in the city of Clermont and have now opened up offices in Franklin, TN just south of Nashville.