Porter Billing Service

In 2011, Porter Capital formed Porter Billing Services, LLC which specializes in working capital solutions for transportation industry through capital freight factoring. Porter Billing serves small and midsized trucking companies throughout the United States by providing a flexible, entrepreneurial approach to the working capital needs of our clients.


TBS Factoring Service is one of the nation’s leading providers of simple and flexible cash flow solutions for independent trucking companies. Turn to TBS with confidence for proven, extra-mile service for everything you need to get ahead.

• Lowest Rates
• No Reserves
• Easy Application
• FREE Fuel Cards With Discounts
• FREE Credit Checks
• FREE Load Board
• Fuel Advances

The family-owned one-stop shop also provides: permitting, fuel tax reporting services, truck insurance, compliance review and audit. And in 2015, TBS began offering logistics services through Elite Dispatch. Digital initiatives Search4Freight.com, TBS Fuel Finder and TBS Mobile Factoring create value for clients and enhance the customer experience.


Match Factors
Your specialist in transportation factoring
Match Factors provides 95% and higher cash advance transportation factoring services to truckers and owner-operators across America. Stop waiting 30 days or longer to be paid on your accounts receivable by turning your freight invoices into cash QUICKLY with our simple, convenient, same-day funding factoring program. Special pricing for Truckers Solution members!